Terms & conditions

Last updated: March 22, 2019

These terms and conditions create a contract between you (THE COUPLE) and Une Belle Cérémonie SAS / Perfect Paris Wedding (THE ORGANIZER). Please read them carefully.

Perfect Paris Wedding is a brand of the French Company:
Une Belle Cérémonie SAS
17 avenue d’Italie
75013 Paris
Siret : 803 348 499 00036
TVA : FR96 803348499

> Packages & Add-ons
> Symbolic ceremony
> Guarantee of service
> Location of the ceremony
> Number of guests
> Timeline
> Punctuality on the day of the event
> Services at your hotel/apartment rental

> Photography/image rights
> Photo tour itinerary and transportation

> Booking and payment schedule
> Modification, cancellation and refund
> Methods of payment
> Coupons

Packages and Add-ons

THE ORGANIZER offers packaged services for elopements, small weddings or vow renewals in Paris. On top of the standard package, THE COUPLE can purchase add-ons subject to the availability of the vendors as confirmed by their Personal Planner.

The conditions of purchase may vary from one item to the next. Please refer to the conditions listed on each product or service page.

Orders may be cancelled and payment fully refunded up to 10 weeks before the event. In case of a cancellation 10 weeks or less prior to the event, a 30% charge will apply.

All prices are in Euros and include tax (VAT).

Symbolic ceremony

The ceremonies arranged by THE ORGANIZER are beautiful and romantic symbolic ceremonies. To be legally married, THE COUPLE must have a legal ceremony in their home country or be a resident in France and be married at the Mairie (City Hall). The legal marriage – and paperwork associated – are the responsibility of THE COUPLE.

Guarantee of service

THE ORGANIZER is a Paris-based wedding specialist working in conjunction with a team of talented vendors. THE ORGANIZER guaranties that THE COUPLE will receive the services of THE ORGANIZER’s dedicated team as presented on the photos of THE ORGANIZER’s website and social media. If for any reason, and at any time, one of the vendors becomes unavailable, THE ORGANIZER will assure the continuity of service and secure an appropriate replacement. This applies if a photographer gets sick, a chauffeur’s car breaks down, an officiant loses their voice, or any similar unforeseen event.

Location of the ceremony

Depending on the package chosen, the ceremony will take place in either a private venue (indoor wedding) or a public area (outdoor wedding).

In the case of an outdoor wedding, there are no rules in France that permit anyone to make private a public area or park, even temporarily. THE COUPLE acknowledges being aware of this. THE ORGANIZER will not be held responsible if the location chosen at the time of booking is temporarily closed by the City of Paris, nor if some passersby are present in the vicinity of the ceremony. If the location is temporarily closed, THE ORGANIZER will arrange for a backup plan in the same area, with similar conditions.

In case of rain, with an outdoor ceremony, THE ORGANIZER assures a plan B. If it is a light shower, the wedding team can wait for it to pass. On the rare occasion where heavy rain is forecast THE ORGANIZER may propose a change of location (for the ceremony) to the beautiful arcades of the Palais Royal. This change of location will only impact the ceremony and THE COUPLE will still be able to capture photos of the Eiffel Tower later, during their photo shoot.

In the event of adverse weather conditions, at THE COUPLE’s request, it might be possible to reschedule the time and/or date of the ceremony. The new date and time will be defined according to the availability of THE COUPLE’s wedding team.

Number of guests

The Perfect Paris elopement, small wedding and vow renewal packages are designed for a maximum of 15 guests. THE COUPLE commits to inform their Personal Planner if they will exceed the maximum number of guests. THE COUPLE understands and agrees that a larger party of guests will impact the organization of their event and incur additional fees for additional onsite coordination.

If THE COUPLE exceeds the maximum number of 15 guests, the wedding location will be changed to the American Church in Paris, inducing additional invoicing to cover the fees of an American Church wedding (the public prices available on THE ORGANIZER’s website will apply).


THE ORGANIZER will provide a detailed timeline no later than 30 days before the event. THE COUPLE must review this document and alert THE ORGANIZER immediately if they find that something is mistaken or has been omitted (for example: extra hour with photographer not indicated, wrong number of guests, error in the address of the hotel or drop off location…). The ORGANIZER will also share the timeline with all members of THE COUPLE’s wedding team before the event.

Punctuality on the day of the event

The times indicated on the timeline for the beginning and end of various elements of the day define the availability of each vendor. THE COUPLE understands and agrees that any lateness caused by THE COUPLE or their guests will not extend the time of availability of the vendors.

Services at your hotel/apartment rental

Some services are provided at your hotel/apartment rental, such as hair and makeup, flowers delivery and chauffeur pickup. Your hotel or rental must be located within central Paris and in a convenient location adapted to your ceremony location and photo tour. Your planner may help you confirm that your hotel is located in an appropriate area of Paris. If your hotel is located in an area that requires additional time for your chauffeur or longer commute for your hair and makeup artist for example, additional fees may apply.

Photography / Image rights

THE COUPLE will receive approximately 120 HD images. Images are lightly edited by the photographer – lighting, framing and contrast. More comprehensive editing, such as skin retouching or customized highlights are not included in the package price but can be discussed with the photographer and arranged for an additional fee.

A web-friendly image will be provided within 24 hours of the event to share with family and friends. Final images can be downloaded via a web link at a later date, usually within 3-4 weeks following the event (up to 6 weeks in the summer). Images are available in high resolution (can be around 6-9 MB/MO in size). Final images will have no watermarks.

THE COUPLE will own full rights to the images that are delivered to them. THE ORGANIZER may use some photos to illustrate and showcase the work of Perfect Paris Wedding. THE COUPLE can express their wish to keep their photographs private and not have them published, and this wish will be respected by THE ORGANIZER.

Photo tour itinerary and transportation

THE ORGANIZER proposes an itinerary covering beautiful landmarks within central Paris. The itinerary can be adapted on the day for different reasons (traffic, closed streets…) and upon the client’s request, provided that the requested locations can be covered within the time available.

THE COUPLE understands that the front seat is reserved to the photographer who will guide the chauffeur on the photo tour.

Booking deposit and payment schedule

The deposit (500 Euros) is required at the time of booking to  secure THE COUPLE’s event’s date and is not refundable.

If the event is more than 3 months (12 weeks) away, a payment schedule is offered to THE COUPLE with a first payment (non-refundable deposit) due upon booking, a second payment due 90 days before the event and the final payment due 30 days before the event. THE COUPLE understands and agrees that the full amount owed for the event is due 30 days before the elopement, small wedding or vow renewal.

If the event is less than 3 months (12 weeks) away, the full fee of the package is due upon booking, but only the deposit (500 Euros) is non-refundable.

Modification, cancellation and refund

THE COUPLE can change the date of their event or choose to cancel the event at any time in the planning process. Refunds will be issued according to the following conditions.

Cancellation more than 10 weeks before the event

Upon THE COUPLE’s signature, THE ORGANIZER will reserve the time and date agreed upon, and will not make other reservations for that time and date. For this reason, if the cancellation occurs more than 10 weeks prior to the event, THE COUPLE will get a full refund of the cancelled services, except for the non-refundable deposit element (500 euros or 1000 euros as appropriate).

Cancellation less than 10 weeks before the event

If the cancellation occurs 10 weeks or less prior to the event, a non-negotiable 30% charge will apply for all services booked (this charge is NOT ADDED to the non-refundable deposit, but replaces it).

Change in the date

If THE COUPLE asks for a change in the date more than 10 weeks before the event, they can reuse the initial deposit for the new date.  If a change in the wedding date is requested less than 10 weeks before the wedding date, the initial deposit will be forfeited, and a new deposit will be required to save the new date.

In case of a last minute change due to unexpected weather conditions or travel issues, THE ORGANIZER will propose a new date within a week of the initial event. THE COUPLE will not be charged any fee for this change.

In any case, the new date will need to comply with the same conditions as the initial date (for example, conditions such as weekday, French bank holiday, time of the ceremony and other similar criteria will apply). The new date will be defined between THE COUPLE and THE ORGANIZER, depending upon availability of vendors.

Exceptions for last minute cancellations and changes

An exception will be made if THE COUPLE’s travel cannot take place because of unexpected international events that make it physically impossible for THE COUPLE to leave their country or enter France. In this case, THE ORGANIZER will do their best to refund as much as possible of the deposit amount.

Methods of payment

Payments can be made by either of the following methods.

1. Via Secure online Credit Card payment.

Credit card payment is available  on the Paris Wedding Shop through the PayPal platform. Payments must be made in Euros. The conversion rate that will apply is the one provided by the bank or credit card service on the day of the payment.

OR 2. Via International Bank Transfer in Euros to THE ORGANIZER’s French bank account

Bank information:
75013 PARIS

Bank reference
Code banque: 30003
Code guichet: 03084
N°compte (account): 00020000562
Clé RIB (key): 47
IBAN : FR76 3000 3030 8400 0200 0056 247

THE COUPLE understands that bank wire transfers are not immediate. There is often a delay of several days. Therefore, wire transfers should be made in a timely manner in order to arrive at THE ORGANIZER’s bank account by the due date.


Discounts are offered in certain conditions in the form of coupons. All valid coupons are listed on the “Coupons” page. THE COUPLE is required to verify that the appropriate conditions are met before using a coupon. For example, the FREEDELIVERY coupon is only available to couples who have previously ordered flowers for their event. If the coupon is used outside of the required conditions, either the order will be cancelled or the client will be asked to pay the remaining fee in order to confirm their purchase.